Frequently Asked Questions:

Does OneHarvest give away food?
No. You must pre-order and pre-pay. We are not a food pantry. OneHarvest is a purchase program offering savings compared to retail grocery store pricing.

How do I participate in the program?
Click on the Locations tab above to see if there is a participating site near you. You can view our menu by clicking on the Menu tab above. If there is a participating site near you and you want to place an order using your debit or credit card, then click on the Place an Order tab above. Customers ordering online will incur a $1.00 per box convenience fee for ordering online. If you wish to place an order using cash, money order or EBT, please contact the participating site near you for their order dates and times. Once you've placed your order, you will pick up from the participating partner site that you selected when ordering. The pick up location, date and time is listed on your receipt.

How do I become a partner site?
Click on the 'BECOME A PARTNER' tab at the top of our webpage and complete the application. Once our office receives your application, we will contact you with detailed information about becoming a partner site. Completion of the application does not obligate you to participate nor does it guarantee that you will be activated. OneHarvest does not sell your information but we do compile it and refer to it to help us serve you and your community better.

Is there an application fee?
No. OneHarvest does not want to prohibit participation by requiring an application fee. A willing heart, volunteer support and minimal computer knowledge is required.

Can I pick up directly from ONEHARVEST's facility?
No. All distributions will be made from our Partner Sites, [click here to find a location near you.]

Do you deliver to my home?
No. OneHarvest only delivers to our designated drop site locations once a month.
If you have a special need please contact the partner site in your area for special circumstances or requests.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express via our Online Ordering page.

Can I order online or over the phone and pay with my EBT card?
No. All orders using EBT as the method of payment must be made in person at a Partner Site. The USDA requires that EBT purchases be made in person by the cardholder. Our Partner Sites that accept EBT cannot accept your EBT information over the phone. All EBT requirements are mandated by the USDA not by OneHarvest.

How can you sell such a high quality of food at such a low cost?
• Direct from manufacturers
• Low overhead versus grocery retail chains
• National purchasing power

Who do you buy the food from?
• Premium growers across the U.S.
• Direct from manufacturers of national brands

How does the food come packaged?
• Pre-packaged in a sealed ONEHARVEST Box

What choices do I have?
• Family Box
• More than Enough Box
• Golden Gourmet Meal Box
• Special boxes are updated monthly to provide a variety of options including protein items such as chicken, beef, seafood, and pork

How long will the food stay frozen out of refrigeration?
• Approximately 4 hours

How do I order and when can I order?
• Place an order with one of our partners in your community
• Use your debit/credit card to place an online order
• For ordering deadlines, see our planning calendar at the bottom of this page

Can I order more than one box at a time?
Yes, there is no limit to the quantity of ONEHARVEST boxes that you can order.

Where can I pick up my box?
Local participating partners, please see our Locations page for a site near you.
OneHarvest does not deliver to your home.

When are orders distributed?
• Once a month
• Saturday morning
• See our planning calendar for dates, located at the bottom of this page.

Return/Refund Policy
ONEHARVEST strives to provide the highest quality food products. In the event the purchaser finds a product not to meet our quality standards, the unused portion of the product must be returned to the partner site for inspection within 30 days of receipt of food. Any product not meeting our quality standards, as deemed by the Partner Site Director may be replaced or the percentage of the box paid for such product will be credited to the purchaser. All replacement items will be replaced by the following month's distribution.

Food Stamps and One Harvest Partner Sites:
Go to this address to reach your local USDA field office:
Since the SNAP program is a Federal Program run at a State Level, it is best to contact your local office to have them help you through the process.
You can find the application by going to: Be sure to include your articles of incorporation and the social security information of your trustees. The USDA requires that the responsible parties or "owner" of the organization place their information on the application in order to approve an application.

• The application takes about 30 to 45 days to process.
• Once the application is approved the partner site is sent an EBT reader from the USDA.
• Use your EBT reader like a credit card reader, but for the EBT cards only.
• The customer will swipe their card and it will either be approved or not.
• If it is approved the money for the purchase will be deposited into the partner site’s account via ACH.
• The transaction is treated and entered like a cash transaction from the customer when paying One Harvest Food Ministries.

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